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Citi rebate

March 9th, 2016 at 03:55 pm

i just did the work to get my monthly rebate from my citi rewards card. It will be for $115 but I won't actually add it to the $20 challenge until I get the check.
My husband can't understand why I get excited about getting money back on my credit cards, but I love it!
I always pay the balance in full, so I never pay any interest, ever! When I do use the card, like for groceries or prescriptions, I immediately put the cash money in an envelope so I always have the cash to pay the bill when it comes due, so I feel like I am being very responsible.

The MAWW account

February 25th, 2016 at 05:24 pm

A Few months ago, (October), I established what I call, the MAWW account. This is where I track "money accumulated without working" or MAWW.
This is what my MAWW account looks like for January:

Builderway rebate $ 17.00
Citi card rebate 123.00
mortgage interest 897.00
Chase card rebate 39.00
stock dividends 65.00
s/s check 529.00
MSD interest 47.00
GE bank interest 13.00
Barclay bank int. 8.00
navy c.u. int. 54.00

Jan. total $1795.00

Of course, I save this every month and add it to a new savings account that I opened in July. That is called my Wright account.
Since July, my "Wright" account has grown from zero to $27,524.00.

$1.25 per gallon

February 24th, 2016 at 06:07 pm

That is what I paid per gallon of gas this morning. Gas is selling at Ingles for $1.45 per gallon, but with my advantage card, I got 20 cents a gallon off, for a total price of $1.25 per gallon.
Do you know what most people do with the money that they are now saving on gas. (According to a news show I watched, they are using the money to eat out more. What a shame.) They should add it to their savings.

Dollar store

February 21st, 2016 at 06:16 pm

Last year, a new dollare General store was built just right down the road from me.
I don't know if you like dollar stores or not, but I am finding this one so handy.
First of all, I hate paying $5 for a birthday card and they have them for 50 cents or $1. Most people just throw their cards away after a few days and it seems like a waste of money.
For valentine's day, my husband bought me an expensive chocolate bar costing $4. (Sort of like a hershey's candy bar.) I find that the dollar general own brand of chocolate bar is just as good. (and all proceeds go to charity)
I am sometimes amazed at how much cheaper I can often find things at the dollar store.
I just got back from buying a birthday card for a little girl. I noticed that Miracle Whip was $3.50. I had planned to pick some up this week and noticed that it is $6 at the grocery store.
When I really need something, I often try the dollar store!

Bank visits

February 11th, 2016 at 09:26 pm

I visited 3 local banks today to find out the interest rates on savings products, money markets and c.d.'s. Even tho I want to keep some money here locally, none of the banks come close to the rates that you can get using an online bank.
I got a good deal at Navy Federal credit union, but that deal went away in Jan. I guess I will just keep looking for specials online. (Navy had a 2.5 c.d. for 30 months.) If you see anything good, let me know!

Buying auto tags

February 8th, 2016 at 10:08 pm

I went to renew the auto tags today. That has to be done before my husband's birthday on the 24th. It was $360 for 5 auto tags and one utility trailer.
While there, I realized that the early voting place was open at the courthouse.
Darn, I wish I had been prepared. There was no one in line and I could have quickly voted. But, I have not yet decided who to vote for. I don't vote for the party; I vote for the man. (or woman)
They are calling for snow tonight, so I did my duty, went to the grocery store and bought bread and milk!
I also paid my builderway bill so that I could get the nice discount they pay me, as long as I pay by the 10th. This is an arrangement that they started with their top builders about 25 years ago. I think we are the only ones left. But, I love a discount!!

MAWW Account

February 3rd, 2016 at 05:56 pm

Yesterday, I totaled my MAWW account for the month of January. MAWW stands for "Money Acquired Without Working" This is the money that I, personally, bring in during the month:
Builderway rebate $ 17
citi card rebate 123
mortgage interest 897
chase card rebate 42
stock dividends 65
s/s check 529
MSD interest 47
GE interest 13
Barclay interest 8
Navy fed. interest 54

total $1795

First real snow of the year

January 20th, 2016 at 07:03 pm

Today, we are getting our first real snow of the season. I know it has snowed before, you can see the snow on the mountains in the distance. We live in the mountains and the highest peak in Georgia is Brasstown Bald, here in Blairsville, just a few miles away. As a matter of fact, the cabin we are building (and have already sold) has a wonderful view of Brasstown Bald and the mountains.
The snow came down quickly starting about noon and has already covered the ground. I called dh and he came home from work. He does not want to get stuck over at the cabins.
Because we live in N. Ga., we don't have much of a snow removal system. Snow is pretty, but I am glad it does not usually last too long.
I talked to Navy Federal Credit Union yesterday. They got the check I sent them and they opened my Certificate of deposit over the phone.
Unfortunately, the great special that they had on c.d.'s ended on Sunday. It was 2.5% for 30 months.

I have a big c.d. coming due on Feb. 28th and I had planned to put it all in this Navy Fed. C.U. special cause they thought it would last until April.
Now, I will have to find some place else to put it.

Navy Federal still has a 20 month c.d. for 2% but the maximum amount is $20,000. This c.d. I just opened was perfect, cause it had no maximum, but, sadly, I won't be able to take advantage of it cause it has closed.
I hope something else good will open up about the time I need it.
(p.s., I did get to open up a c.d. special for the 2.5 rate, but only one.)

Prompt payments

January 12th, 2016 at 12:14 am

I am so glad that my mortgage holder is so prompt in paying her mortgage each month. The amount is due on the 25th of each month, she dropped the check off today, Jan. 11th. Of course, it goes straight to savings.

Happy New Year!

January 1st, 2016 at 05:08 pm

I just want to wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year. Let this be a great year for saving!

The fed raised rates!

December 16th, 2015 at 07:53 pm

For the first time since June of 2006. I noticed that Mysavingsdirect lowered their savings rate from 1.09% to just 1%. It is so hard to make any interest on your savings these days.

The MAWW account

December 6th, 2015 at 06:50 pm

I totaled up my Maww account for the month of November. I acquired the following money:

Building material discount
(2 houses) $ 627
Citi credit card rebate 76
mortgage interest 900
chase card rebate 43
s/s check 529
mysavingdirect interest 84
GE bank interest 12
Barclay bank interest 6
Barclay credit card rebate 248

Total for the month $2525.00

This is the money I earned in the Maww account, which stands for Money aquired without working.
It won't be this high next month. The building material discount will start to go down as the houses are now both dried in.
Still , it makes me feel good that I am able to contribute to the family finances even tho I no longer work.

y husband is not a high earner. He makes about $60,000 per year. That seems like a lot to me since I have never earned very much, but in today's standards, that is probably a low income. We have never had a real high income, ever. But as I say, it is not what you make that counts, it is what you keep.

Extreme cheapskates

December 4th, 2015 at 10:13 pm

I watched extreme cheapskates on tv last night. I don't know if it has been off the air or what, but I have not seen it in a long time.
I consider myself frugal, but I have to draw the line when I see some of the poeple on the show.
I do not buy much in the way of clothes any more, but I draw the line when it comes to dumpster diving for food from a grocery store, or not flushing the toilet. I think some people go too far!

The $2 bill

December 2nd, 2015 at 09:44 pm

We went over to friend's house for dinner the other night. I was telling them how I was now keeping track of all the money I acquired during the month, in a MAWW account. MAWW stands for "Money Acquired without working". Since I do not work, I thought it would be fun to keep track of how much money comes in each month thru rebates, credit cards rebates, s/s, the mortgage we hold, interest earned, basically, any money that comes in that I have not earned.
Today in the mail, I received a $2 bill from my friend, who said he greatly admired my finiancial ability and wanted to add to my MAWW account. How fun! It will be added. (I wonder what catagory I should call this?)

The MAWW account

November 16th, 2015 at 05:00 pm

I have started tracking money that I acquire and I am calling it the MAWW account. That stands for Money Acquired Without Working!!
Even tho I do not have a job and have not worked for several years, I decided to keep track of the money I bring into the household without working.
October was the first month that I have tracked this. The break down is as follows:

Builderway rebates $717
Citi c/c rebate 38
Mortgage interest 902
Chase c/c reward 143
stock dividends 65
MSD interest 91
GE bank interest 13
Barclay bank int. 5
s/s check 529

monthly total $2503.00

Actually, I am shocked that the total was that much. The mortgage interest is for a 25 year mortgage that we decided to hold on the last new house we built.
I don't expect the totals to be this high every month. (Oh, MSD stands for My savings direct, a savings account that pays 1.10% interest)

What do I do with the money? You know me! You can answer that!

Barclay credit card

October 25th, 2015 at 04:13 pm

I got an offer in the mail for a barclay credit card, so I opened on line yesterday.
My rule with credit cards is to charge only things I need (like car insurance) and pay it off as soon as the bill comes in.
I do not like credit cards that offer gift cards or a credit to your account. I like cards that offer cash back.
That is why I have a Chase master card that pays back 3% of home improvement purchases. (but only to a limit of $2000 charged each month.) We use that at home depot almost every day. (Hubby is a builder)
I have a citi mastercard that pays back 2% on all purchases and a quicksilver cards that pays back 1 1/2% on purchases. This month I got back $143 from chase and $38 from citi.
Barclays is offering $200 cash back if you spend $500 in 90 days. They do not offer a check (which I like) but they will deposit it in your savings acct.
Since I already have a barclay account, that sounds like a winner to me. I love cash back, don't you?
I have just started keeping track of all the money I received without having to work. I am calling it my MAWW account. Money acquired without working. I will let you know the October total, in a week or so.

A hand delivered check

October 18th, 2015 at 08:48 pm

I waited until the mail came yesterday and then I called the young couple for whom, we are holding the mortgage. She ran into my husband on Oct. 9th and told him that she had just put the mortgage check in the mail that day. It is not due until the 25th of Oct.
The check has never arrived and yesterday was the 17th. That means that after 8 days, the check never arrived. (She mailed if from just 6 miles away.)
Obviously, it got lost in the mail.
She showed up this afternoon with a new check. I guess she will have to put a stop payment on the other check. I just wonder where it went?

Building supply rebate

September 8th, 2015 at 03:20 pm

WE got a good rebate from thebuilding supply place that we do business with, mostly because the bill was so high. (Over $13,000) So I have 1 rebate of $620 to add to my $20 challenge.
Also, I have to go to home depot today. For some reason they charged me $19.98 for a propane tank??
I have always had a charcoal grill and have never used a propane tank. (escept for the 1000 gal tank to heat my home) I am hoping to get that taken off of my charge card without any problems.

Prev. total $14,488.00
today 620.00
new total $15,108.00