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Mutual fund challenge

July 17th, 2014 at 11:39 am

Sadly, I knew nothing about mutual funds when I was younger. It was not until I had moved to this area and was in my 40's, that I began reading about mutual funds, mostly in Money Magazine.

I opened my first mutual fund in 1988. I chose Twentieth Century Funds. (Now American Century) I still have my first statement of account. I liked twentieth century because they had no minimums. You could open an account for any amount and add to it whatever you could afford.
At that time I was a waitress, making $2.01 an hour and tips were very poor. We lived in an area where the locals had never heard of tipping. I usually made around $12 in tips a day, more at night.
I would come home, count out my tips and put a few dollars away every day, to start a mutual fund account. My first fund was 20th century Heritage, now American century Heritage. I still have it.

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