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Lucky quarter!

March 28th, 2015 at 09:28 pm

I found a lucky quarter while we were at Ingles today. We went to a land sale and did not buy anything, which is unusual for us. But we have about 6 pieces of vacant land already, one with a finished, "for sale" new house that we need to sell first.
Friends took us out to dinner Thursday night cause they were so happy with the new carport that dh built for them last week. We did another good deed by fixing a bad leak at a friend's house. (They live in Fla. and their leak wasted 265,000 gallongs of water and ran up a very big bill) DH put in new pipes so that can not happen again. (leak was under the basement floor, under concrete and NO, we did not build the house)
WE are hoping that the water dept. will give them a break on the bill cause they were not here.

Money in

March 25th, 2015 at 02:22 pm

Today I received my s/s check of $529 plus I got a dividend of $89 from my Qualcomn stock. This will be added to my $20 challenge:

Prev. total $4482.00
today 618.00
new total $5100.00

It is really spring!

March 22nd, 2015 at 02:21 pm

And I am so glad. Things are starting to bloom. Our weeping willow tree in the front yard it starting to really look pretty. WE have started on the new house, but now the rain is messing us up. We want to pour the footers on Monday, but they are calling for rain for most of the week.

$20 challenge

Prev. total $4457.00
today 10.00
new total $4467.00

I received a capital one rebate check yesterday for $10.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

March 17th, 2015 at 04:24 pm

Are you wearing something green today?? I have been out sick for a few days, so I have missed a lot of entries on here. I am not sure what I had, but I did make a trip to the emergency room because I felt so badly.
The new house got started yesterday (septic tank and ground breaking) so hopefully, I can get back on track to saving.
Congratulations to Lucky Robin, Banker Gurl and birthday girl, Thriftorama!

Finally got the go ahead!

March 12th, 2015 at 02:49 pm

We finally got the go ahead to start a new house in the lake subdivision. We have been waiting for over a month on approval from the home owners' association.
Sadly, that means my husband has been out of work for the whole month of February and part of March.
Of course, we have the money in the bank to live on, but I would rather not keep doing that.
It is a lot more fun to put money into the bank than to take it out of the bank.
We still have had no offers on the house that he finished up in Jan. Wintertime is not a good time for the real estate market around here.
I have not been saving much, but I do add a little somthing to the $20 challenge every day. My balance:

$20 challege $4400.00

sign on a church

March 3rd, 2015 at 05:10 pm

We took a ride yesterday just to get out of the house. On the way, we passed a church with a sign that read:
If you are praying for snow, please stop!!

I agree.

Interest day

March 1st, 2015 at 02:49 pm

Today is the day the interest is posted to my bank accounts, all except Melrose Credit Union, which is every quarter. I always add the money to the $20 challenge:

Prev. total $4139.00
Interest 35.00 mysavingdirect
extra 8.00
interest 102.00 C&S bank
interest 22.00
interest 2.00 GE bank
total $4308.00