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Missing my puppy

February 28th, 2006 at 05:46 pm

I took my little dog Holly to the groomers this morning. It is so lonely here without here. I stopped at the CVS and used a $2 off coupon I had, so I will add that to my challenge. Ialso got a new coupon from there for $2.50 off, but I have not used that yet. My husband hurt his back today, so he came home to get some aspirin.
I did spend some money, almost $100. My husband has lost 35 pounds and all his pants are just downright baggy. I usually get things at Wal mart, but could not find any size 34's with a 29 inch inseam. I finally had to order out of a penny's catalog, both jeans and dress pants. Plus I blew $4.10 on sugarless candy! Then it will be $32 for my doggie's hairdo! I spend nothing on my hair and $32 on my puppy every 6 weeks or so. Oh well! She is worth it.
Prev. total $4279.00
today 2.00
new total $4281.00

moonshine run

February 27th, 2006 at 09:19 pm

I feel like a moonshiner when I make my liquor run. we are a dry county. They sell liquor and wine in Murphy. N.C. about 25 miles from here. They sell beer and wine on the county on each side of us, but no liquor. Murphy sells no beer. We folks spend a lot of time driving and our tax monies in other counties.
I decided to drink the bottle of dark rum that I was given, even to I don't like dark rum as well. But I figured that would save me money and it did. i did not buy any rum today, so i saved $12 to add to my challenge. I also stopped at the grocery store and bought something I had forgotten and I saved $3 with my advantage card. So that was $15 saved today.
I went into one of those discount grocery stores and looked around. They had a lot of off brand products and dented and banged up looking stuff. They did have a great deal on low carb ice cream, but 25 miles is a long drive, plus I had several other places to go before I came home.
I had to make a really big withdrawal today to put towards our spec house ($38,000) but I waited til after 2, so I earned another $3.73 in interest.
Prev. total $4263.00
Today saved 15.00
new total $4279.00

no gas used

February 27th, 2006 at 05:56 pm

Stayed home all day yesterday but my husband worked half a day. Then he came on and worked some more. He cleaned the house and moved the ice maker from one garage to the closer garage and got it hooked up. He washed his van, the hot rod and the old vette.
He did not touch the new vette. I know he can't stand to look at the bumper where it got hit a few days. We have an appt. Mar. 7th to take it in and leave it for 3 or 4 days.
We cooked ribs and potatoes on the grill and I made some cube steaks in the crock pot.(I don't like ribs) We have enough left over for two lunches for dh.
Relaxed in the hot tub last night. I have figured out if I do not go to town every day, I save about $1 in gasoline money, so I will add that to my challenge.
Prev. total $4263.00
today 1.00
new total $4264.00

it's a small world

February 26th, 2006 at 10:27 pm

I mentioned going to a hot dog bonfire/ccok out last night. It was held for members of a local forum but only 9 of us showed up. No one knew each other. How suprised I was to find that I went to school with one of the ladies there. We graduated from the same high school in florida only 2 years apart.
Looks like we are staying home tonight and cooking on the grill. Wish it was warm enough to sit outside, but it is so windy!

Dogs on a stick

February 26th, 2006 at 05:00 pm

We went to a bonfire and cooked hot dogs on a stick. I don't think I have ever done that before. We stayed outside all night, with a coat, it was pretty comfortable.
We were all strangers, meeting for the first time. We are on a local forum for our home town and decided to get together. Only 9 attended but we had a nice time. You had to have four wheel drive to come up the driveway, so the vette could not make it. Thank goodness for phones, they came down and got us.
I think I will just stay home today, so if I do it will be a no spend day. My husband went to work but said he would be home early.
I am so glad that his work is starting to pick up, it has been a lean past two months, waiting and waiting on concrete people.
Since I did not go out to eat like I usually do (every night but Sunday) last night, I will take the $20 I saved and put it in my challenge money. so the total is
prev. total $4243.00
today 20.00
new total $4263.00

Bon fire

February 25th, 2006 at 06:09 pm

We are going to a bon fire tonight. I haven't been to anything like that since I was a kid. The couple that invite us, we have never met. We have all met over a local forum and talked there, but none of us has met. It should be interesting. The only thing worrying me is that their drive way is so steep, you have to have four wheel drive, which we don't have. They will have to pick us up at the bottom of the drive.
I don't like steep driveways, heights make me nervous.
I went grocery shopping this morning and looked for something cheap for supper tomorrow night. I got 4 cube steaks for $2, which I will cook in the crock pot.
Then I have been doing book work and paying bills for the past two hours.
I used my advantage card and a free coupoon, and I saved about $5 which I am adding to my challenge money.
Prev. total $4238.00
Today 5.00
new total $4243.00

Merry Christmas

February 25th, 2006 at 02:23 pm

I just wanted to remind everyone that 10 months from today is Christmas. Have you started your shopping yet?

Happy birthday Honey

February 24th, 2006 at 10:39 pm

This is my husband's birthday. I went to work with him to help him put wire mesh down in the basement before the concrete is poured on Monday. Poor guy, he can't get any help and he pays $18 an hour. I wonder if I should pay myself today and put it in our challenge money.
Well it is time to go out to eat and to celebrate.
Not much celebrating when you get our age, no presents, no cake. He is getting a $1000 new tool that he ordered and we are both on diets.
But we will enjoy our night out together!

My husband cried

February 24th, 2006 at 02:10 pm

I have only seen my husband cry about 4 times in his life. When his mother died and when our dogs died.
My husband cried last night.

You would have to know my husband to understand what kind of car fanatic he is. The first date I had with him, he had to wash his car first. He has washed our cars almost every day for almost 30 years. He wants cars that are perfect.

My mother died in 1978 and left me a little money. Being young and foolish, I used it to buy a car, something we both wanted, a 1978 corvette. Back then, you could get a car to come into the dealership in primer paint and this one did. One of 16 that year. It was painted tu tone blue with pin striping.
I still have that car and it has never had a scratch on it.

We bought a new vette a while back, a bright red one. My dh washes it almost every day. He spent an hour and a half on it yesterday cleaning it before we went out to dinner.

We were the last people in the restaurant, only two cars in the parking lot. The other car managed to hit our red vette as they were leaving.
my husband was so upset because now it is a damaged car and he does not like damaged cars. It can be fixed, but it won't be the same to him.
He cried. Today is his birthday, not a very good birthday.

dog food

February 23rd, 2006 at 09:54 pm

I had to go to the grocery store or my outside dog was going to starve. I usually buy what is on sale, if possible, but I got her favorite food today. they had a big bag (8pounds) marked buy one get one free.
Ingles lets you just buy one item and get it for half price when they offer bogo's (I know what that is now thanks to this site) That plus another coupon got me more than $5 in savings to add to my challenge money.
Then I took my little dog and we went to visit my husband's job site. So far with the land and the concrete for the basement, we have almost $110,000 in this spec house. Things are just going sky high around here. We built our first spec house for about $100,000 4 years ago, and now we have more than that in just some land and concrete. Oh well, I am just fortunate to have the money to pay cash.
Prev. total $4233.00
Today 5.00
New total $4238.00

Broken ribs

February 23rd, 2006 at 06:18 pm

My husband, who is a builder, has 3 projects going, 2 houses and a garage. All three are just sitting. Our helper has not come to work all week. We just found out that he fell (while drinking) and broke a bunch of ribs last weekend. That means he can't work for months.
No one around here wants to work. This is really frustrating, cause he pays well I think.

mud monster

February 22nd, 2006 at 08:58 pm

My husband came home from work, covered with red geogia clay. Good thing I had washed his other pairs of jeans today. He had to change clothes in the garage. He is working on plumbing and all this rain doesn't help either.
We are having someone look at our house at 5 pm so I am cleaning up a little. They have a SIL that is a builder, but they just like the way our house looks and wants my dh to draw the plans for their new home.
I could not think on anyway to add to my challenge money except to just stay home today. I figured that every time I make a trip to town and back, it cost $1 in gas. So I will just add that dollar to my challenge money.
Prev. total $4232.00
today 1.00
new total $4233.00

I tried to open a savings account with Umbrella bank to get the 4.6%, but they will only open accounts on line. Darn!!

Happy Birthday

February 22nd, 2006 at 06:04 pm

Happy Birthday, George Washington. I don't think anyone has remembered that it is your birthday today. We all celebrate president's day.
But my goal is to keep more of your pictures in my wallet and not spend them.

Good morning

February 22nd, 2006 at 03:19 pm

Well, I was ready to stay home and save money last night, by not going out to eat. I think my husband is just so used to going out, that when I mentioned it, he say, oh no, lets go out. So out we went and enjoyed it of course.We went to a friend's house for supper on Monday night. I guess we couldn't not go to the restaurant two nights in a row. The owner calls us her stock holders. She is opening a mexican restaurant right next door, but I don't really like mexican food.

budget day

February 21st, 2006 at 10:44 pm

Normally Monday is payday and the day I do my budget. Then banks were closed yesterday so I did the paycheck and the envelope method today.
I budgeted $160 for electricity this month and this month is was under $90. So I have $70 left over to place in my challenge money.
I went and paid $370 for car tags today. I have an envelope that I put in $100 a week. That pays for car tags, car insurance, house insurance and property taxes for the year, so it didn't mess up my budget, I already had the money.
Prev. total $4162.00
Today 70.00
New total $4232.00

Drinking rum

February 21st, 2006 at 08:08 pm

I thought of a way to save some money. My dh and I like cocktails in the evening after dinner ( and during) I usually drink white rum and diet sprite.
After cheaning out behind the bar to install our new wine cooler, I have discovered that I have a bottle and a half of dark rum.
Although I don't like dark rum as much as white rum, I have decided to drink it up thus saving some money not buying white rum.
It is a sacrific, but I am willing to do it if it means adding to my $challenge$ money.


Took Holly for a ride

February 20th, 2006 at 09:05 pm

Well I have had two no spend days and two stay at home days in a row. I decided to take my little Holly for a ride. In case you don't know who Holly is, the is the cutest little black poodle who weighs about 6 lbs. and loves to go riding in the car.
I had a bill that really needed to be paid today, so I rode downtown to pay it. I use to ride around and pay all my bills but now with the price of gas, it is cheaper to mail the bills.
Gas has gone down to $2.33 premium around here.
It is a gloomy cold day here and I am looking forward to being with friends tonight. We built their house and they still like us!! Not many people can say that of their builder, but we have remained friends with all we have built for.