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Barclay credit card

October 25th, 2015 at 09:13 am

I got an offer in the mail for a barclay credit card, so I opened on line yesterday.
My rule with credit cards is to charge only things I need (like car insurance) and pay it off as soon as the bill comes in.
I do not like credit cards that offer gift cards or a credit to your account. I like cards that offer cash back.
That is why I have a Chase master card that pays back 3% of home improvement purchases. (but only to a limit of $2000 charged each month.) We use that at home depot almost every day. (Hubby is a builder)
I have a citi mastercard that pays back 2% on all purchases and a quicksilver cards that pays back 1 1/2% on purchases. This month I got back $143 from chase and $38 from citi.
Barclays is offering $200 cash back if you spend $500 in 90 days. They do not offer a check (which I like) but they will deposit it in your savings acct.
Since I already have a barclay account, that sounds like a winner to me. I love cash back, don't you?
I have just started keeping track of all the money I received without having to work. I am calling it my MAWW account. Money acquired without working. I will let you know the October total, in a week or so.

2 Responses to “Barclay credit card”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    MAWW...money acquired without working. Love it!

  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I agree with CCF - great name! Smile

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