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The creek is rising!

October 3rd, 2015 at 12:36 pm

We live on a creek. With all the rain the past two days, the creek is very nosy and full. I love listening to it. Because we live on a fairly flat lot (in the mountains), we cannot see the creek unless it is super full like it is today.
We have a nice deck built out over the creek where we can sit and watch it. No need for that today. WE can see it from almost every room in the house.

(p.s. I know that the creek is NOISY, not nosy)

3 Responses to “The creek is rising!”

  1. PatientSaver Says:

    Sounds nice....are you at risk of flooding though?

  2. Ima saver Says:

    The creek has come within a few feet of the house, but has never flooded in the 20 years we have lived here, Knock on wood! Let's hope it stays in its banks!

  3. turning a new leaf Says:

    that sounds wonderful!

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