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When women didn't drive.

March 22nd, 2012 at 08:06 pm

When my mother was born was in 1907. Growing up, she saw very few women that knew how to drive a car. She was determined to learn how to drive and she did.

She began teaching me how to drive when I was 12 years old. When I was 14, I got a beginner's permit. You were allowed to drive as long as an adult was in the car with you. My mother let me drive all the way from Florida to Virginia one summer.
I was always very thankful that she taught me to drive early.

When I married (the first time), I married into a family of non driving women. My first mother in law did not drive and neither did my huband's two aunts. We all lived within 3 blocks of each other, so I had to take them grocery shopping all the time. I can't believe it, but neither of those three women ever learned how to drive in their lifetime.

I have been driving for over 50 years now and I have never had a ticket or an accident. I have driven a corvette for over 30 years and people always ask me "how fast does that car go?" I tell them, it goes 55 mph. I am never in a hurry to get anywhere.

8 Responses to “When women didn't drive.”

  1. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    It goes 55. Love it!

  2. Miz Pat Says:

    Just think, if the gas prices get any worse, we'll all be riding bikes to get groceries!

  3. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Hey, Julie, your post is resulting in a re-union! You made me wonder what year my own grandma was born (1906). I went to look for the date on a genealogy on the web, but accidentally landed at an forum, where I found someone asking if anyone knew if my mother is still alive. I put them in contact! Thanks for that little nudge. You never know what reading savingadvice blogs may lead to.

  4. frugaltexan75 Says:

    My grandma was born in 1911, and Bestemore (her mother) didn't drive.

    It's pretty impressive to have driven as long as you have and have no tickets or accidents. I had my first accident before I even got my driver's license! (I had my learner's permit though ...)

  5. Monkey Mama Says:


    I can not think of a woman in my family that didn't drive.

    Our grandparents were born in the 20s and 30s. Not only do all our grandmothers drive, but my still living GIL has a pilot's license. The women in my family tend to be independent and adventurous, overall. I wouldn't be surprised if some of them were the first women in their family to learn how to drive. I will have to ask my G-ma and GIL about that.

  6. LuckyRobin Says:

    My mother is almost 73 and she has been driving since she was 12 (started with a tractor). My husband's aunt who is the same age as my mom has never driven a day in her life. I wonder if it has to do with being farm folks or city folks back in the day. On the farm it was simply impractical for girls not to learn how to drive the equipment.

  7. Jerry Says:

    I can't wait to teach my daughter to drive (although I will have to... she just turned 7, and the other one is not yet 2)... and they will also know how to drive a standard transmission, dangit! That seems to be a lost art these days, I fear, both among men and women alike. I am pretty sure that the insurance is lower for teen girls than for boys, too, so it will lead to some savings in that regard. Smile Jerry

  8. SicilyYoder Says:

    My mother has never driven, and my 19-year-old has learned yet, but she can pump gas- I found that out today.

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