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Last day of the month!

August 31st, 2010 at 02:08 pm

Well, I hope it is better than the first day of the month. We spent most of that day at the hospital trying to find out what was wrong with dh. Finally, after midnight, we found out he had gallstones.
He had surgery to take out his gall bladder two days later.

Now the bills are coming in. The bill for the surgery was only $3000 which we did not think was too bad. However, the emergency room bill came today and it was for $7500. That does not count for the hospital bill for the day he was there 7 hours for the surgery.

We have a $10,000 deductible policy so it looks like we will have to pay for the whole thing ourselves. I am just glad we have the money to do so.

I did my grocery shopping today and score some pretty good bargains. According to the receipt, I saved $18 using my advantage card. The braves won their last two games, so I have $20 to add to the challenge today.

Prev. total $12,857.00
today 20.00
new total $12,877.00

2 Responses to “Last day of the month!”

  1. Wonderlake653 Says:

    The only upside to those ten thousand dollars that you are having to pay now is that you can include them in your itemization on your income tax return. I hope DH is back to normal and feeling 100%.

  2. Ima saver Says:

    Yes, he is feeling much better, thank you.

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