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Thank you for all the well soon wishes!

August 5th, 2010 at 10:46 am

I have been busy the past few days with my dh being so sick. I was surpised to get on here today and see all the responses to my blog about the emergency room.
Apparently a lot of you are experienced about gall stones and gall bladder surgery. We were not and it was the very last text the emergency room did; after testing him for everything else.

Monday, we got busy and went to visit the office of the surgeon.
I felt very confident in him and we were sure he would do a good job. After all, dh built his house!

Then we went over to the hospital to fill out form and back the appointment.

On Tuesday morning, we met at the hospital at 10 am. They finally took him into surgery at noon and he was out by 2 pm. He got to go home by 4:30. They don't keep you overnight if you are feeling ok.

Now, he is not feeling great and was surprised that he could not go back to work today. But he is doing ok. The hardest thing for him is getting up and down from the bed and he doesn't feel right if he bends over. I have been helping him get up from the bed so he doesn't hurt himself. Last night, he slept in his recliner and says that is much easier to get out of.

The puppy likes to jump on his lap and sit with him, so we had to put a pillow over his stomach so she would not hurt him.

The hardest thing is having nothing to do! My dh is one of the hardest working men you have ever met. He can hardly wait to get back to work!

6 Responses to “Thank you for all the well soon wishes!”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    My friend had her surgery monday also and is taking awhile to recover as well. I'm taking her kids swimming today so she can rest in peace.

    Your DH will feel better soon!!

  2. MonkeyMama Says:

    Glad to hear he is doing well! Hope he is feeling 100% soon.

  3. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I'm glad your dh is doing better! Wishes for a speedy recovery!

  4. Miz Pat Says:

    I'm so glad we heard back from you. I'm glad he is home and I hope he gets well super fast. Give him our best.

  5. rob62521 Says:

    Glad dh is doing better. Sure it makes you feel better too. Tell him not to get too impatient. Although the hospital sent him home, he still has some healing to do and he doesn't want to hurt himself and have scar tissue. I returned to work a few days after my gall bladder surgery and broke up a fight between two sixth graders and was hit where I had the surgery. It hurt for weeks after that and the doctor said it was scar tissue. So, he needs to let his body heal before stressing it too much. Take care of yourself, too!

  6. Homebody Says:

    Glad things went well. This will be a good lesson for him... to teach what I don't know, but it sounds good doesn't it? Patience maybe?

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