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DH sold his work van!

March 23rd, 2010 at 02:37 pm

DH had to buy a new work van 2 years ago. He got a house to build in North Carolina and his old van just wasn't going to make it. He keep the old van, thinking that he might use it when the newer van was getting worked on.

Well, that has not happened, so he sold the old van this week to one of his workers for $1000 (It was a 2001 dodge van) The worker is going to pay him $250 a week and I am going to add that to the $20 challenge for the car fund.

I also got the electric bill and it is $70 under budget for the month, so I will add that to the challenge also.

Prev. total $3776.00
today 320.00
new total $4096.00

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