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More gas!!

March 15th, 2008 at 08:43 am

I give my husband $80 a week for allowance which he uses to buy gas. I had to give him $40 more the other day, he was so low on gas.
Last night, we put over $50 in the yellow vette and today I put $23 in the red vette.
That is $200 a week for gasoline!! Twice as much as eating out!

3 Responses to “More gas!!”

  1. icantsave Says:

    Wow, thats all I can say about that.

  2. M E Says:

    The gas thing is getting way too crazy for me. One day this week, on my way to work, I paid $3.22/gallon for gas. That same day, roughly 10 hours later, on my way home from work, the same gas was $3.39/gallon!!!

  3. Aleta Says:

    We're getting ready to drive on our vacation. Not too far away but I can just see the gas bill. I've already told my husband that I'm driving because he speeds so much and it just uses up all of the gas. I see a big difference when he drives and when I drive.

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