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My C.D. is due!

January 26th, 2008 at 07:32 am

I have a c.d. that is coming due today. I am supposed to go into the bank on Monday to roll it over. The rate is bad, but the guy on the phone said he would match the rate that I am getting in another town, so we shall see. If he doesn't, then I will take a check for the entire amount.
I did earn $2644 in interest for the past 6 months, so that will help my net worth a little this month.
It will still go down a lot due to the terrible stock market in January!

4 Responses to “My C.D. is due!”

  1. Amber Says:

    Good luck today

  2. SingleGuyMoney Says:

    Hopefully they will match the rate for you so you don't have to go to another town to switch the CD over.

  3. Frayed Buckeye Card Says:

    What will you do if the rate makes under the mattress

    A few months ago, a bank wouldn't offer me a published rate without certain requirements which I didn't want. I commented that I would have to take this amount some where
    else. That got all their attention,I got the rate. Thank
    goodness, I don't know what to do now that local rates have tanked. I'm interested in your strategy, if you don't mind sharing.

  4. Aleta Says:

    I have the same situation as you. My CD came due yesteday, but somehow it matured today. Don't ask me how that happens. I have to do the same as you as far as going ot pick it up Monday. I hope that I find a great rate as well.

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