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Expensive last three months

January 5th, 2008 at 10:55 am

I have had all kinds of expenses the past three months, both planned and unplanned. First my dishwasher and ice machine both went out on me.
I had them fixed, but the "fix" did not take, so I bought a new dishwasher and a new refrigerator.
Then my car stopped. It need a new fuel pump and the repair was almost $2000.
Christmas came and with that came $3000 worth of property tax.
Today I got the bill for the annual house insurance ($1100) plus the car tags ($551).
I know life happens, but I sure wish it could happen a little cheaper for a while. I am ready to do some major saving and no more major spending.
Of course, the money for the property tax, house insurance and tags is all budget for. I put away $160 a week to pay those bills, so I am prepared!

2 Responses to “Expensive last three months”

  1. Aleta Says:

    Yeah! They keep telling us that inflation is OK and under control. I wonder what barometer they're using? Everything we buy now is getting higher and higher and I know that alot of it is associated with the price of gasoline.

  2. CanadianSaver Says:

    I have more expensive periods of the year than others.... the last 2 months have been bad for me too! Hope it calms down soon for you...

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