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rolled over the Certificate of deposit

July 30th, 2007 at 07:29 pm

I guess I don't go to that bank enough for the people to know me. The first time I went there was with my husband in his carpenter work clothes.
I asked if we could open an account and get the high rate they had been advertising in the paper.
The lady behind the desk told me no, because you had to put in $50,000 to open the account. I told her I would put in $100,000.
She opened the account.
I went today to see what the new rate would be on C.D's. Sadly, it has gone down from 5.75% to 5.35%.
I renewed it; this time they wanted my driver's license to see if it was really me. Hmmmm......

Ok, back to the challenge. I bought n.y. strip steak on sale yesterday (enough for two meals) and saved $8, I just bought prilosec at Ingles where is was $5 off, plus I had a $4 off coupon, so I saved $9. The braves won their game, I walked a mile, plus another one for today, so I have a total of $20 to add to the challenge.
Prev. total $15,994.00
today 20.00
new total $16,014.00

3 Responses to “rolled over the Certificate of deposit”

  1. baselle Says:

    There's another famous story in non-profit land.

    A farm couple came to Cornell University. They wanted to donate some money - perhaps fund a couple of professor's chairs, etc. They were dressed neatly, but they were a farm couple. Cornell University treated them rudely, assuming they had no money, and never saw them again.

    They were Mr. and Mrs. Leland Stanford, founders of Stanford University.

    You judge by appearances at your own peril.

  2. scfr Says:

    That 5.75% rate was great while it lasted, wasn't it?
    Well ... 5.35% isn't too bad.

    Ima - Do you belong to AAA? They have a Gold Savers MMA available for AAA members (offered through Bank of America) that is paying 5.34% on balances of $50K or higher, and the rate has stayed consistently higher than other accounts for a long time. I opened my Gold Savers AAA account when it was with MBNA (MBNA got merged in to Bank of America last winter), and what I really love about this MMA in addition to the good rate is that I can write checks on it ... I don't know if that is still true for new accounts, since BofA may have changed the rules.

  3. Ima saver Says:

    No, I don't belong to AAA, but thanks for the tip. I have a local money market paying 5.25% so I am pretty happy with that.

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