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I'm mad at my credit card company

July 28th, 2007 at 04:42 pm

My main credit card is a GM mastercard. I use it because it gives me 1% cash back or 3% towards a GM card.
My dh uses it the most, charging all his materials from home depot. He generally spends about $4000 a month.
The cut off date on my credit card is the 14th of the month. But I never receive it until the 24th of the month, 10 days later!!
It is due on the 4th of the month.

This month, I did not get it on the 24th. I emailed customer service. Oh, I can pay it on line, but I am nervous about that. Besides, if I do it, I have to sign up to do it every month.
I don't want big sums to come out of my checking account without me knowing.
I could pay by mail, but that is a $15 charge. Why should I pay anything?

Why don't they get me the bill on time? They insist that they mail it out 3 days later, on the 17th.

I finally got the darn bill yesterday at 4 pm. July 17th, 10 days after they say they mailed it. They can claim slow mail, but I have always gotten it late for the past year.

I think they are trying to make sure that they get a lot of late fee charges.
Anyway, you can be sure that I wrote out the check and drove to the post office to mail it yesterday before 5 pm.

As soon as we get our next rebate check or apply the amount to a new car, I am thru with them.

I also have a state farm visa. It came in a week ago and I have until the 10th of next month to pay it. This giving you 7 days to get your check in, is a bunch of balony!!

14 Responses to “I'm mad at my credit card company”

  1. disneysteve Says:

    Ima - Are you sure that the only way to make an online payment is to sign up to pay automatically every month? I've never heard of that. There is usually an option to make a one-time payment. If not, rather than paying at the card company's site, use your online banking to pay the bill. That's how I pay my credit card bills.

  2. daybyday Says:

    I completely understand your irritation. I signed up for Dish Network seven months ago, and they do the same thing! The last statement I got from them is dated July 5 (who knows what date they actually mailed it), and the due date is July 25th. By the time I actually receive the statement, I have to make sure I mail my payment immediately and then wonder if my check will get there on time. I'm sure they do this on purpose to collect late charges and to push me to go to automatic payments, which I refuse to do. If I ever get a late charge from them, I'll be done with them too.

  3. Ima saver Says:

    Steve, I don't have on line banking either. The site says I have to sign up for automatic payment every month. I guess i could cancel, but why can't they be like most credit card companies who give you at least 2 weeks to pay. Mail is often slow these days.

  4. disneysteve Says:

    I think the number of people who pay bills by writing and mailing checks has dwindled significantly and the companies realize that. I know you claim to not be computer literate, but banking online is no more difficult than posting to a message board or maintaining a blog, two things you do perfectly well and it is ultimately safer than mailing checks. You ought to look into the online banking service offered by your bank. Mine is totally free and, in fact, saves me time and money by using it.

  5. Ima saver Says:

    That is a good idea, steve. I was thinking you were talking about an online bank, but I can use my regular bank too!!

  6. wyozozo Says:

    I have to echo Steve here....go with on-line banking!! It makes life SO much easier!! My bank provides free on-line banking, guarantees on time payments and I've never had a problem with payments. I can set up automatic payments or go in each month and specify an amount to be sent. I write and mail zero checks, thus saving me money by buying fewer printed checks.

  7. mariejensen2007 Says:

    Can you verify the date mailed by the postmark? It might be the best way to catch them! Or could turn out your local post office IS that slow....

  8. disneysteve Says:

    "That is a good idea, steve. I was thinking you were talking about an online bank, but I can use my regular bank too!!"

    Sorry if that wasn't clear. Yes, I meant the online services offered by your regular bank. That's what I use - the bill pay service tied to my regular checking account at a local bank.

  9. Ima saver Says:

    The first thing I did was look for the postmark for the dare, but there was not one. Do you go to your bank's customer service to request them to pay a bill online for you?

  10. baselle Says:

    What I've been doing for the past year is look online at my CC account to see what the statement for this month will be. Then I write a check for it by mail without even bothering to get the mailed statement. I just make sure I write the account number in the memo field on the check. I figure it this way - you have to put the account number on the check anyway, and all the return envelope is useful for is for the address. I haven't had any problems, but it was a bit nerve racking the first couple of times I did it.

  11. crazyliblady Says:

    Hi, Ima Saver. I really love your blogs and truly admire your ability to save a buck.

    As far as credit cards go, I am pretty sure they deliberately do things like this in order to make more money through late fees. My dh and I watched a movie from Netflix last night called "Maxed Out." It is a documentary of the world of credit cards and what creditors deliberately have done to deliberately drive Americans into debt and sometimes into bankruptcy. Although I don't think it actually covers the issue of deliberately arranging due dates this way, it gave enough information about other things they actually do that it made me have no real doubts about how far they would actually go to make a buck. Those same creditors have also made the bankruptcy laws tougher, so that when and if that all too scary need arises, it may not be available to you. Instead of being able to declare bankruptcy when you absolutely must do so, you might instead be forced to sell belongings to pay debts. This is a little too scary for me, so I am going to pay off my credit card and keep it paid off. Eventually, I hope to not ever need it again.

  12. disneysteve Says:

    You generally need to sign up for the online banking services. You may be able to do that at the bank's website so I'd start there. Once you get set up, you will be able to enter a list of merchants/companies you want to be able to pay. Then it is usually a simple matter of logging on, picking the bill to pay, entering the amount and the date to pay it. You'll get a confirmation number showing that the transaction was accepted and you're done. Very simple.

  13. Stein Says:

    I had the same issue, but with MBNA. They simply made it as difficult as possible to pay them. That is when I finally started thinking that they don't want you to pay them, best case for them is if you are late. Strange world.

  14. Aleta Says:

    My husband also had MBNA and he also had the same issue with them.

    Ima: Another feature that I like is that I can check by statements before they ever get to me and you can pay them online without ever receiving the bill. Sometimes people like to pay bills before leaving for vacation, and that's one way of doing it.

    I also can go and check my electric bill. Your next read date will be on your bill and you can count on it being posted the day after. That has been extremely helpful to me.

    Also, I like the fact that I can go online and check my charges and make sure that any credits were given to me.

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