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DH brought home a check last night.

July 14th, 2007 at 07:06 pm

My dh brought home a check last night. It was to pay us back for bills we had paid for a customer.
I checked my business checking account last night and we have quite a bit of our money in it. We have quite a few outstanding checks from over 5 years ago. Obviously, they are not going to clear and are lost.
Plus the account earns interst and I let that accrue. When we take something back to home depot for return, that money does not come out of checking, even tho I have already deducted it.
So I decided not to put this check in the business checking but to add it to my challenge money to earn more interest.
prev. total $13,909.00
today 772.00
new total $14,681.00

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