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What frugal thing did you do today??

January 30th, 2007 at 05:03 am

On the local forum I am on, I started a thread entitled "what frugal thing did you do today?"
On the whole, that group does not want to talk about money at all. They do not believe in saving at all and their come back is, "you can't take it with you"
I don't want to. I just want to be comfortable while I am here.
One of the frugal entries yesterday, was "I got a pair of pants on sale for only $76!!
I know what this group would say to that. To buy clothes you don't really need and to pay $76 for one pair of pants!! Now, I know why they have no savings.
The funny thing is, many of them, dislike me. They dislike me because they think I have to much money!! Hey, I save my money, that is why I have it.
The people on that forum make just as much money as we do.
The thing is, I keep part of my money; they spend all of theirs!

17 Responses to “What frugal thing did you do today??”

  1. LuxLiving Says:

    76.00? OUCH!

    Don't feel bad ImaSaver - we each have to live to our own light's calling!

    I think this is where one of those biblical principals come into play - you reap what you sow.

    You've sown savings and now your money is increased. She/he's over-spending theirs and will most likely reap lack in the future.

    Let's see it's pretty early here, but so far today - once Hubster & CashHappy left for work I went around (as I do every morning) and unplugged the coffee pot, the microwave and the hairdryer. I turned off all the lights in the house & opened drapes to be able to see. Opened blinds for plants to grow by. Washed a load of clothes on the small setting in cold water w/ 1/8th of a cup of laundry soap.

    Oh yea, I also reopened the back door to pull the storm door completely shut as CashHappy doesn't always get it fully closed on his way out - cold air kept OUT. I sent them off w/packed lunch boxes w/reusable tubs in them full of snacks & pop that was bought at deep discount. They're carpooling to save money and are driving an economy car. CashHappy was wearing an old shirt of his grandpa's and a pair of his Daddy's old work pants (he works in a shop). Hubster was carrying his VERY FANCY briefcase that I had bought used at a garage sale and wearing some very nice leather dress-gloves that I had picked up in the dollar section of our grocery store for $3.00 that were part of his Christmas.

    As soon as I had them out of the door I changed my clothes to something nice and warm, pulling on double socks & warm booties and am sitting here w/a blanket around my legs over my pants as it is still slightly coolish this morning. My little Toffee dog is laying on my feet as well. I re-purposed a piece of old jewelry and attached a brooch ($1.10 at the Dollar Store) to a nice silver chain and am looking quite fashionable in my little frugal world.

    Sowing, Sowing, Sowing!!

  2. Ima saver Says:

    You are right, I guess this is my life's calling! My husband took his lunch in little reuseable tubs this morning too. His workers go out for a $10 lunch every day, plus they lose an hours pay or more to drive to town and back.

  3. T_I_N_A20 Says:

    I go to a forum where many of the people my age spend their money on luxurious items. LV, Chanel, Gucci, Coach, you name it... Most of them their bags cost around 200 $. Although they don't have a problem with people being frugal. It's all kind of people with different ways of spending their money.

    By the way, which forums do you go to? I want to see! =D

  4. daylily Says:

    If your local group doesn't want to talk about money then don't bring it up. It will only breed hostility.

  5. nance Says:

    One of the middle aged women I used to work with made decent money, but she spent it faster than she made it. She leased a new car, ate lunch out every day, had credit cards maxed out, and lived in a house that was in need of major repairs. She laughed about her financial problems, and said that it was just a way of life, and there was not much she could do about it.
    She thought I was "rich"! I just choose to live my life differently. My boss asked me when I was going to get a new car. I told him my car only had 40,000 miles on it and it was PAID for. He seemed surprised with that answer. I never talk about my frugal living with others, because they don't want a reminder that they are digging a bigger hole for themselves.

  6. campfrugal Says:

    Ima, the other group is actually just green with envy that they don't have a savings, that is why they say what they do. In reality, I think everyone wants to have a cushion savings and not worry about bills and being frugal is a part of that. They are just in denial. But, yeah, like Daylily said, if they don't want to talk about it, don't. But, someday, they will want your advice and then you will be there.

  7. Aleta Says:

    Ima: The truth is that most or I would venture to say that the majority of people aren't willing to do what we do. Some people have a looking-good problem which is why they overspend and on items that will get them noticed. I noticed that someone here talking about name brand items and that is what it is about for them.

    Do you think that if you hadn't of done things the way that you have for years that you would have been in a position of eating out the way you do today? Of course not. Most people throw that money away at lunch, being in a hurry. At least, you enjoy your meal with your hubby.

    I have the same thing as you. I have family members who have their own ideas about what they think cheap is. Frankly, that is their problem, not ours. Most of us here have a goal, and it's not to be eating dog food in our retirement or having to depend on assistance if we can help it. God forbid some distrastrous thing would happen beyond our control.

    I find the best people are these on the boards that share our values about finances. Stay plugged here. I have learned so much about current things on this list. We're here helping one another.

    Maybe, you should start your own type of group where you ask others to bring in their ideas and share with the group;

  8. saving4mykids Says:

    People can be harsh sometimes. They can also be misunderstood. I think that if you believe people are going to be negative or mean about your happiness or wealth, then they will be. I always try to be very positive about the money we have, or lack of, (that's why I'm here!) then there will more people that will be happy for you.
    Good luck! I'd like to find a deal like that on pants.

  9. HouseHopeful Says:

    I understand what you're saying. I read that thread, dismiss the non-pertinant stuff & take in the money saving things people do. When people mention turning down the heat or unplugging electronics, it gives me focus to remember the little things & to keep on doing them.

    Today I packed my lunch, am drinking only water, unplugged my computer & lamps while I'm not home today. I don't bother leaving my outdoor light on for when I come home, because both my neighbors have theirs on 24/7 & since I live in a townhouse, they provide me with plenty of light. I turned the heat down last night & kept it down today since I'm not going to be home til after 8pm. I've found that I can keep it VERY low all week & still be comfortable, but turn it up to about 67-68 on the weekends. I just layer up & use the down comforter & I'm cozy.

  10. HouseHopeful Says:

    Oops, Sorry Ima, I meant to say I read a similar thread in a Delaware forum & it seems to get the same responses (not this one). I also read your thread here, which is awesome!.

  11. frugalmomof1 Says:

    I think it is great that you are trying to share your knowledge about being frugal and saving money with others. Even if they are not ready to hear it now, you are planting a seed in their minds, that may or may not blossom someday. Smile

  12. rob62521 Says:

    Well, Ima, I don't belong to a local forum, but we have some friends who are always telling us how they want to save money. Yet, they just drove to visit a couple of kids and that's out of state. She just realized that it would save them money if she cooked a few meals, and is now complaining because she doesn't want to, but for years had bragged at what a good cook she was. They want to save money, but really don't want to sacrifice anything to do so. I think your buddies are the same way. Don't let them bother you...they will find out who is right.

  13. ozzy gurl Says:

    Hi Ima! Ready for the winter weather?

  14. scfr Says:

    Oh, heck, who needs them when you've got us?
    Isn't it nice to have a place like this where everyone "speaks the same language"?

  15. HOPE BEYOND Says:

    I have been reading your blogs. I read the forums you mentioned. I read all day today and I agree with another who said that you should not push so hard. It does not look like the forums was designed for financial advice like these here are. That is why we come here. To discuss financial advice.

    You sound like a wise person with your money.
    Don't let people who do not put money first make you feel threatend because you do.

    From what I read, people are not ignoring your advice. Some people do not talk about it. Some people would only tell what they want others to think as well.

    From what I have read and it appears that other people who have made comments here should do as well on your Blairsville.com is read how the community has many conversations outside of finances. The forums there have an archive that I saw today. That is where I started reading.
    I typed in your name on Google and you also showed up on that forum.
    You seem to be more focused on finance's. It looks like you may would want to contribute in a positive light also in other areas.
    Your hometown website is interesting.
    The people seem very friendly and not at all harmful.
    I have yet to see harmful or envious enemies. It does look like you are competetive.
    It is good to see you talk about your dh there too.

    In public communities, it is often offensive to talk about finance's. This savings advice forum may be better for you. Here you have your own personal finance blogs.

    If you feel that more than one person has problems with you, usually its something more than the numbered ones. Sometimes we have to adjust ourselves when more than one person has a problem with us,too. When one person wants to be an outcast, they usually make themselves an outcast.
    I did not see envy. I did not see anyone say that they did not like you either.

    I hope for the best of your situation. Thank you for turning me on to your local hometown website. There are many neat threads there.

  16. saving4mykids Says:

    I like what you said "hope beyond". Here seems like an appropriate place to discuss finances. I am not comfortable enough ever to discuss figures with anyone, not even my body figure. It's a personal thing and some people take offense to it and think of it as bragging. I will need to learn to save more, for my kids future but I'm not sure I'll ever open up to anyone about the millions that I already have. Ha, ha!!!

  17. reaping what we sow Says:

    well you got some publicity on your forums, now didn't you.

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