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Checking my money market acct.

January 26th, 2007 at 10:12 am

Now, that I have a computer, I love the fact that you can check on your bank accounts, checking, savings, money market, etc.
When i put in that big check last Friday afternoon, I have been checking every day to see what my balance is. My balance has stayed the same. They said they would put a hold on it for 7 business days and I guess they meant it. The banks are only 1 block apart, so I know the check has cleared.
I wonder if they are just doing that to keep me from moving the money.
I do plan to go and open a jumbo CD to get an extra 1/2 % on some of the money.
I love looking at the interest it has earned too, $258.79 for just 4 days.
Well, I did earn a dollar walking a mile and I saved another dollar by buying shampoo and getting conditioner for free. Both for just $1.
Prev. total $3089.00
today 2.00
new total $3091.00

3 Responses to “Checking my money market acct.”

  1. Mary Ann Says:

    IMA that is just so neat to be earning that kind of interest!! Did the bank employees take you to dinner or anything at all for the nice deposit you made? I know when I have put a huge deposit of money in the bank, the employees never even say a word. Least they could do was shake your hand and thank you!!!

  2. Ima saver Says:

    No, they did not say a word. All they did was tell me they would have to put a hold on the money until Jan. 31st!! But i was excited, cause that was the biggest check I have ever had in my life. i even made a xerox copy to put on my refrigerator to look at. I was doing a happy dance for sure.

  3. Frayed Buckeye Card Says:

    When I took out a CD at my credit union the teller said "Oh, I didn't expect you to put in that much !" She could have just smiled , no comment was required.

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