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quiet shopping day

November 24th, 2006 at 01:41 pm

I decided to do my grocery shopping a day or two early, so it was nice and quiet at the grocery store. I went to pay a bill at the building supply store ,but they are celebrating a 4 day weekend and were closed. I also stopped to close out a very small account at the bank.
It one time had over $200,000 sitting in it earning interest, but I have used that money to pay the bills for this spec house, so the acct was down to $75 and I was going to be acessed a fee.
So I came home with $75 plus I saved over $3 by using coupons at the store. I also found a quarter in the paper machine.(I don't feel around, but if I can see it, it is mine)
So I have $78 to add to my challenge money today.
prev. total $18,482.00
today 78.00
new total $18,560.00

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