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My electric bill came

November 20th, 2006 at 10:33 am

The electric bill was $75 this month about $7 higher than last month, but still way under the budget of $160. that gives me $85 to add to my challenge money.
prev. total $18,382.00
today 85.00
new total $18,467.00


6 Responses to “My electric bill came”

  1. janH Says:

    Wow, that's great. We finally have the heat fixed. So my gas bill will reflect that, but at least the air conditioner isn't running--today at least. Sheesh.

  2. 3 Things about money Says:

    Your challenge money is so inspiring. Congrats on the bill!

  3. PRICEPLUS Says:

    Way to go Julie!!Smile

  4. fairy74 Says:

    good job!

  5. jersey jen Says:

    that's awesome!

  6. Aleta Says:

    Ima, what I do all year is to esrow the same amount each month for my telelphone, water, and electricity and what ever is left over goes into the escrowed accounts and I do this for a year. When the bills are higher you have the money already on hand. At the end of the year, I generally go through the accounts and disburse the left over. This works for me.

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