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Not a good day to shop

November 18th, 2006 at 12:53 pm

What was I thinking of, doing my grocery shopping on the sat. before thanksgiving. I ususally go on sundays when it is slow. but I was out of diet sprite, so I went. Not much on sale today. With my advantage card, I only saved $1, so that plus $1 for walking is $2 more to the challenge.
prev. total $18,376.00
today 2.00
new total $18,378.00

3 Responses to “Not a good day to shop”

  1. PRICEPLUS Says:

    The grocery stores around here were zoo city today as well!EEK!

  2. MsSuperSaver Says:

    I went to the mall today and it was wall to wall people. Can't I do my Christmas shopping AFTER Christmas? It would be way easier then.

  3. Aleta Says:

    I went on Sunday and it wasn't much diffent ( even in the grocery stores

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