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Net worth

November 13th, 2006 at 01:57 pm

I just got an e mail from New worth also, so I went and update mine. This time I was more specific, instead of saying, I have $59,000, I noted that I really have $59,934 in that catagory. My net worth rose about $12,000 this month. all my cash is going into that house we are building. In case you are wondering why houses are so high, I just paid almost $400 for 2 pieces of window trim. The marble shower was over $1500 and without a door, so far!Opps, this first line should have read NET worth, not NEW worth!

5 Responses to “Net worth”

  1. rduell Says:

    I just joined after reading about this site in the blogs. I'm looking forward to watching my net worth climb! :-)

  2. Jack Doueck Says:

    Dear Ima! I enjoy reading your Savings Blog. You are probably aware of these sound principles of investing by Benjamin Graham, but I think they apply to all aspects of investing and I believe they are worth hearing again:

    1. The companies should be soundly managed.
    2. The companies have demonstrated earning capacity with a likelihood that this will continue.
    3. The companies should have consistently high returns.
    4. The companies should have a prudent approach to debt.
    5. The businesses of the companies should be simple and investors should have an understanding of the companies.
    6. Assuming that all these thresholds are satisfied, the investment should only be made at a reasonable price, with a margin of safety.

    Thanks for listening! -- Jack Doueck

    Jack Doueck
    Stillwater Asset Backed Strategies
    Stillwater Capital

  3. monkeymama Says:


  4. Broken Arrow Says:

    Hehe. It's kind of a strange experience when I read your blog, Ima. There are days when I am managing around $20 at a time, and then I would read these huge numbers flying around here. Big Grin

  5. Aleta Says:

    Ima, you definitely are the proof of compound interest. You're earning passive income that is only taxed on the income tax side and it comes in regardless. You are an inspiration. Thanks.


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