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Doctor visit

January 23rd, 2006 at 01:31 pm

My hubby felt no better, so headed to the dr. this morning.(He will work you in) Spent $45 there and got $67 worth of prescriptions. He went to work for a few hours but came home early and is laying down now. So, that has been an expensive day because he works for himself, by the hour. No work-no pay!!
I cashed the paycheck today but did not spend anything except for my tp stockpile. Going to use that $2 coupon everytime I am near the store.
We are going to leave for fla. on Friday, I am dreading it cause it is a long 12 hour drive and I hate Florida.
We are going to visit my dh father who is 85. This is going to be an expensive week with a trip to Florida and about 5 days of lost pay when we go.Oh well, at least we have the money.
It as rained all day so I did not visit the consignment shop like I wanted to. I felt very guilty getting my nice clean car all dirty in the rain.

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