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Envelope Method

January 22nd, 2006 at 12:00 am

I guess I have used the envelope method for so long (40 years) that I never think about using the money I put away. I have never been a coupon person,cause we don't get a newspaper, so I rarely have coupons, but I am watching out for them now. I did have a store coupon for $2 off of toilet paper (regular price $2.88) so I went and got that today. The nice thing is, when you self check out, nothing takes your coupon, so I can use it again til it expires. I also took back a recessed light bulb that did not work and got a new one. Hey those durn things cost $3.33 each and my husband has been throwing away the ones that don't work (brand new)!

Prev. Total $760.83
Today 2.00
New total $762.83

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