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Sunny, but boring!

January 19th, 2006 at 12:14 pm

It is a sunny but boring day. I have stayed home all day and done very little. We ate dinner out last night, that was $17. At least it was a peaceful dinner, no one had to come and talk to us or sit with us. I don't mind it for a few minutes, but we get these people that drop in and stay an hour.
Then we stopped and filled up my car, that ran $28.75. I got a wedding dress out to take to a consignment shop today, but just have not gone out yet. I guess I want to go and check out the consignment shop first and see if they even want the dress. I have got to go thru some of these closets and throw things away.
I even have the jumpsuit that I wore to an elvis concert on Feb. 15, 1977. ( I still have the ticket stub in my "elvis" room)

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