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North Carolina Trip

January 18th, 2006 at 12:58 pm

I made my weekly trip to N.C. to buy liquor today. We spent about $26 dollars for dinner out last night, but had enough left over for my dh lunch. I spent about $20 on a prescription and some vitamins. Wound up going over to my husband's job to see the basement he is finishing and then he rode with me to N.C. He had to go and order some carpet, so we wound up going to Wendy's for lunch and spending $6. (something we never do)
Still have to fill up my car with gas tonight, so it has been an expensive day! I was annoyed last night at this guy from Miami. He bought a house here and is fixing it up and every time we see him, he annoys us for at least a half hour talking about his "wonderful" house. We want to go out and be together, not stuck with Mr. Rude!
Hope he is not there tonight!

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