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Rainy ucky day

January 17th, 2006 at 10:59 am

Today the weather is terrible. It is rainy and windy and cold. All I did was drive to the drive in window of the bank to cash my husband's paycheck and right back home. Took my dog, Holly with me to get her a dog bone. She loves to hide them. Then I have to find them in the car.
I have done my budget and besides my regular savings, I have an extra $60 to put with my challange money. We spent $16 on our dinner out last night, I usually make a trip once a week to the liquor store in North Carolina, but it is too ucky to go today.
I am planning on having my first garage sale in 10 years this spring. Today I cleared out a big cupboard in my kitchen so I can put lots of the stuff in there that I am planning to sell. I was going to lug everything upstairs to one of the spare rooms, but that is a lot of climbing. Then I have to bring everything back down the stairs. I threw away a bunch of junk, so that is handy.
No spending money for me today until we go out for supper tonight!! Guess I will walk on my treadmill.

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