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My favorite dinner!

November 12th, 2006 at 04:27 pm

We are having one of my favorites tonight. N.Y. steak, potatoes and hot crusty bread.
I am so lucky. My husband comes home after working from 7am to 6pm., fixes the potatoes and is going to grill the steak. All I have to do is set the table. Did I ever tell you that he does all the housework too??
And you wonder why I am happy all the time!!!!!

5 Responses to “My favorite dinner!”

  1. tinapbeana Says:

    sounds like a wonderful dinner! BTW, can i send DH over for hubbie lessons?!?!?? please?????

  2. janH Says:

    He sounds like an energizer bunny! I'm with Tina--does he give classes?
    Course I can't complain cos mine does help a lot when needed. But all the time? That's awesome. You know how to pick them, Ima.

  3. Thrifty Ray Says:

    Yum...that is one of my fav meals too!! Sounds like a wonderful evening!! (My FIL was in town today so we got treated to OUTBACK!!...yum!)

  4. Ima saver Says:

    Send them over, but he is one of a kind!

  5. LuxLiving Says:

    Aggravating is that mine is a better housekeeper and baker than I am, but dagnabbit as soon as we married he decided to forget that he ever knew how! He does pitch in when I'm sick though so I guess I'll keep him.

    Sounds like a great meal Ima - we had the same Saturday night - delicious. I fixed myself extra potatoes to have later this week. Good stuff!

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