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Last day of the month

June 30th, 2007 at 12:10 pm

Today is the last day of June. Boy, time goes by fast when you are having fun!! The braves won last night, I walked a mile and did 20 flights of stairs. That is $3 more to add to my challenge money.
Prev. total $13,456.00
today 3.00
new total $13,459.00

A free lunch at Ace

June 29th, 2007 at 11:56 am

Ace hardware is feeding a lot of people today. It is grand reopening day at Ace. I thought it was just local, but I think it is all over. I met my dh there for lunch. We had hot dogs, chips and bottled water. I also had a $5 coupon to use to get some humming bird stuff.
Well, the braves did not play yesterday and the dow finished down, so no money for the challenge there.
I did however, walk over a mile, do 20 flights of stairs and have a no spend day. I also saved $2 using my advantage card at the grocery store, so $5 will be added to my challenge today.
Prev. total $13,451.00
today 5.00
new total $13,456.00

The braves won

June 28th, 2007 at 08:36 am

The braves won again. The stock market went up again yesterday. I didn't walk quite a full mile, but I did do 20 flights of stairs yesterday.

I added to my money market savings account yesterday. I know that I have way too much money in there. I guess I will have to open two other accounts, one in my name only and one in my husband's name only. I guess that is a good problem to have, but I hate having so many accounts.

Ok, $3 to add to the challenge:

Prev. total $13,448.00
today 3.00
new total $13,451.00

Little bits add up!!

June 27th, 2007 at 11:53 am

The braves and the stock market have let me down lately. I am putting a dollar in my challenge money every time the braves win and every time the stock market goes up. Well, finally the braves won 2 games in a row, so that is $2. Then I walked a mile and did 20 flights of stairs so that is another $2.
I went to the grocery store to get sausage and it was $1 off, plus I had a $2 coupon off on toilet paper. Then I stopped at CVS and saved $1 on diet sprite. That is a total of $8 I have to add to my challenge money.

I made up my savings deposit for the month. I had 6 or 7 small checks (one big one) and my challenge money. Plus, what I had saved out of my dh's paycheck for the emergency fund. Also, I put the money for christmas and state tax in the bank too. I just keep a notebook keeping track of how much is in each catagory. Oh, And I also have money for my car fund. When we paid off the van a few years ago, I kept making payments to myself.

So, all in all, I had over $4400 to add to my savings this month. Pretty good, if I do say so myself!
prev. total $13,440.00
today 8.00
new total $13,448.00

Time to make the deposit!!

June 27th, 2007 at 05:47 am

Today is the day to take all my challenge money to the bank so it can start earning interest. I got a check for $538 today plus my ridge money of $165. So that is $703 to add to my challenge money.
On the other hand, we had to take dh's van in to get repaired this morning. This will cost $1000, but I have saved that up this month, so no money will have to come out of savings.
It seemed funny to see him go off to work in his 1933 ford victoria!
Prev. total $12,737.00
today 703.00
new total $13,440.00

Paying others bills

June 26th, 2007 at 10:14 am

There is one drawback to being a custom house builder. That is, we often wind up paying other people's bills.
I love the fact that I can now check on my checking account online. I checked today and my business account is getting awfully low.
One customer left to go to Washington and his account is in arrears. The other is a new customer. I emailed asking for a check, but have not gotten it yet.
So, I am heading out in a few minutes to withdraw $10,000 from our money market account to put in business checking. I wonder how many hundred's of times I have done this.
Now, before you lecture me, I always tell a new customer this. "It is not my intention to build your house with MY money!"

Stuff happens!

Change jar

June 25th, 2007 at 07:10 am

I hurried to the bank early this morning so i could cash my dh's paycheck and come home and do my budget. I have my bridge ladies coming over at 1 pm. I also took my change to the bank to be counted. It came to $35 plus I have my ridge money to add to the challenge today, for a grand total of $200.
Prev. total $12,537.00
today 200.00
new total $12,737.00

sale on steaks

June 24th, 2007 at 12:59 pm

I did my grocery shopping today and only spent $19,75. I did go to a different store to buy N.Y. strip steak on sale. I had already bought steak on sale for dinner tonight. I decided to get a few more steaks and freeze them for next weekend, while still on sale. So, I saved over $4 on steaks. I will add that to my challenge money.
Prev. total $12,533.00
today 4.00
new total $12,537.00

Love those checks!!

June 23rd, 2007 at 07:24 am

I had a good mail day yesterday and I got two checks in the mail. One was from a grading guy. He did a little bit of damage to a spec house we were building. We told him not to worry about it, but he sent us a check for $100. Then we got a check from state farm for $139.
I bought steak on sale at bi lo for Sunday's dinner and saved $4. So all, in all, i have $243 to add to my challenge money.
Prev. total $12,290.00
today 243.00
new total $12,533.00

An expensive month

June 22nd, 2007 at 12:28 pm

It has been an expensive month so far. My dh got into a fender bender and needs to take his van in for $1000 repair job. It is hard being a builder when your back up car is a vette or hot rod. You can't carry much in those cars.

Then my little Holly got sick and I took her in for almost $400 worth of tests last saturday. I am proud that I have not yet taken anything out of savings yet. I do have a medical envelope that I put money in each week and that is used for trips to the doctor, including the vet, cause Holly is certainly a member of the family. I am happy to report all she has is a sensitive tummy.
Today, my money market got credited with $1316 in interest, so that will make up for the almost $1400 I have to spend this month.
Well I did 20 flights of stairs and walked a mile yesterday, so I can add $2 to my challenge.
Prev. total $12,288.00
today 2.00
new total $12,290.00

Got the electric bill today!

June 21st, 2007 at 02:33 pm

I got my electric bill today and it was still pretty good, it was for $100. This is the last low bill we will get for a while cause I do not like being too hot and the a/c will be running!!
However, this bill is still $60 less than I budgeted, so the $60 will go into my $20 challenge.
Prev. total $12,228.00
today 60.00
new total $12,288.00

Bogo on ice cream

June 20th, 2007 at 11:55 am

I saved $4 using a bogo on ice cream. The braves won and the stock market went up, so I have $6 to add to my challenge money.
Prev. total $12,222.00
today 6.00
new total $12,228.00

Why should I care??

June 19th, 2007 at 09:06 am

I am on a local forum. Once in a while, I will mention that I saved money using a coupon. The other day, a guy, said big deal, you saved $4. What do you want to save money for, to leave to your kids?? I said, no, but I don't want to be a bag lady either.
Why should I care if he thinks that way? But I do. I just don't understand some people. I am critized for saving money.
This guy is 40 and lives in a mobile home. I live in a house worth 1/2 million and it is paid for.
I am not critzing anyone for living in a mobile home. I might downsize and live in one someday. My dh lived in a mobile home when we met. That is fine!!
But I do not feel like I should be made fun of because I save my husband's hard earned money.

I forgot

June 18th, 2007 at 09:27 am

I forgot to add the ridge money to my challenge last week, so here it is!

Prev. total $12,057.00
today 165.00
new total $12,222.00

A few more dollars for the challenge

June 17th, 2007 at 01:36 pm

I saved $4 using my Ingles advantage card and a coupon today. Plus the braves won the last two days, so that gives me $6 more.
I am thinking of splurging on Kentucky fried chicken for dinner. I havent had it for a while. A bucket will give dh two lunches for the week. I do have a coupon for $1 off.

dh went to work at 7 this morning and got the hardwood floors all sanded. Now he is cutting our 2 acres of grass. Our next house will have no lawn, I hope.
prev. total $12,051.00
today 6.00
new total $12,057.00

Happy Father's Day

June 17th, 2007 at 08:48 am

Happy father's day to all the fathers and grandfathers out there. I hope you all have a special day. Remember how lucky you are if you still have a dad. My father died right before my 10th birthday. I never knew any of my grandfathers either.

My dh has gone onto work and I need to go grocery shopping today.
On the money front, I did receive a check from Pinecone for $5 and I have $40 to add to the challenge from the term insurance that I cancelled.
prev. total $12,006.00
today 45.00
new total $12,051.00

My husband won a prize!

June 16th, 2007 at 03:11 pm

Dh took a rare day off today to attend a local car show. I had to take my Holly to the vet, so i got there late. There were lots of cars there, probably 200 in the show, which is a lot for a small town.
It was a $10 donation to enter your car. It all goes to raise money for relay for life and our little town raises a lot of money. We have been in the top 3 towns of our size several times.
I came home early ( we took two cars) but dh stayed for the judging. I am so glad he did. He won one of the 20 trophies for the top 20 cars! That just made his day!!
So, it was a spendy day, but it was a good day. We found out that Holly is ok and my dh won a trophy!!

Expensive day today

June 16th, 2007 at 11:29 am

My little poodle Holly has been sick on and off this past week. She has always had a sensitive tummy and has a bout like this every few months. Dh insisted that I take her to the vets and get her checked. I did that a few years ago and they did every test possible and could find nothing wrong.
So off we went again this morning. Again, they did all the tests, even took x rays. The verdict was: she has nothing wrong with her, just a sensitive tummy. She has to go on a certain brand of canned dog food.
No one ever believes me, but Holly will not eat that food. She will stand there, starving and cry, but she will not eat it.
So this cost me $371 to find out that she has a sensitive tummy!!
I am giving her some medicine and she is not supposed to have food or water until tommorow. She just stands and whines at the empty bowl. Pretty soon, I am going to cry too. Poor puppy!!

Dow is up!!

June 15th, 2007 at 02:54 pm

Well the braves have let me down all week, but the dow was up 3 days straight, including today, so I can add $3 to my challenge money.
Prev. total $12,003.00
today 3.00
new total $12,006.00

Well, I need to get back to the challenge

June 15th, 2007 at 08:54 am

I have not added any money in a couple of days, so I need to get back to thinking about the $20 challenge.

Apparently I made it into something called "the 100 most inspirational turnaround stories" concerning this challenge.

Yesterday, I used a $4 off coupon for Prilosec ( a need, not a want) plus I walked a mile and did 20 flights of stairs.
Prev. total $11,997.00
today 6.00
new total $12,003.00

I need to share this.

June 14th, 2007 at 09:31 am

I find this very weird.

My husband is a builder and considered the best builder in the area. He is a true craftsman and does all the work himself, tile, hardwood floors, trim, cabinets, plumbing, electrical, etc.

He is considered a craftsman.

He is building a big house way out in the boondocks. He has been on it for a year. Yesterday, I went to see the house for the first time.
I could not believe what I saw.
The owner was there as he is every single day of the week.
He was never more than a foot away from my husband the whole time.
Dh would walk to his big table saw to use it, Mr. Customer would follow him and stand there watching him.
Dh would walk back to the kitchen with the cabinet door, Mr. Customer would follow him and watch him hang the door.

After an hour of this, I could not stand it and I left. How has my husband put up with this for an entire year? I would have quit the first day!!

I almost said something to Mr. customer. My dh says that the house is almost finished so he doesn't say anything.

How can anyone work like that. I couldn't have someone standing on top of me watching me all the time.
Could you work like that????????????

How is your electric bill?

June 13th, 2007 at 03:31 pm

I am waiting for it to go up. It has been under $100 a month since last summer. It is starting to get really hot here and I do like it cool in the house. I think this month's bill (which will be read tomorrow) will be higher, but ok. In July and August, the bill should be much higher.
Too bad I spend most of my time in the hottest room in the house. The upstairs bedroom is so warm, and that is where I keep the treadmill, tv and computer.

I just can't go to Wal Mart!

June 13th, 2007 at 12:59 pm

I just can't go to Wal mart without spending money, that is why I very seldom go.
I had to take my dog to the groomer today and he lives half way to walmart. So to kill 3 hours, I went shopping. all I needed was conditioner for my hair and it is cheaper there.
I walked out after spending $47. I did get my dh some new socks and underwear for christmas and i got myself some new reading glasses that were nice and light.

Oh, by the way, they didn't have my conditioner at all.

A bit to add

June 13th, 2007 at 05:28 am

I have a little bit to add to my challenge money. The stock market was up on Monday (less than a point) and I saved over $1 when i bought ice cream on sale yesterday.
I did spend a little money yesterday. We cleaned out the garage and threw away all the rugs that Lucy slept on. so, I did buy myself a small rug to put in front of the dryer in the garage. (so I can put the basket there) I am probably one of the few people that prefers to have their washer/dryer out in the garage. I have seen too many houses get flooded when a hose bursts in the washer.
Prev. total $11,995.00
today 2.00
new total $11,997.00

Good bye to Lucy

June 12th, 2007 at 06:13 am

We had a vet come to the house and put our dog, Lucy, to sleep yesterday. She was so weak and had not eaten in over 5 days.
We found Lucy in Jan., 1992. She was hiding in a barn, starving and freezing. I took food to her for about a week before she would let me get close to her. Finally, when the temp hit a high of 7 degrees, I decided to bring her home and find her a good home. That turn out to be our good home.
She had a wonderful life, no leash, no collar, no fence; she could do what she wanted. (lucky, we live in a neighborhood with very little traffic)
She pretty much stayed in the yard, but since my dh built many of the houses in the neighborhood, she would sometimes walk up the hill to visit for a while.

She was my first ever "outside" dog. But, I do not believe in leaving a dog truly outside all the time, so at night, she slept in the garage on her electric blanket. We got her a new blanket every year. Sometimes, she came inside, but most the time she like to be outside exploring.
Like the "Old Shep" song says, "If dogs have a heaven, Lucy has a wonderful home"
Goodbye Lucy. She was about 17 years old and will be sorely missed.

More money for the cause

June 11th, 2007 at 07:47 am

Well the braves finally won 2 games straight, after losing 7 of the past 8. I walked a mile yesterday and also did 20 flights of stairs. That gives me $4 more to add to my challenge money. I am playing bridge today, so free entertainment.
Prev. total $11,991.00
today 4.00
new total $11,995.00

More Ridge money

June 10th, 2007 at 02:59 pm

I need to add in my ridge money today because tomorrow is pay day and I will have to do my budget tomorrow.
Prev. total $11,826.00
today 165.00
new total $11,991.00

A new credit card

June 10th, 2007 at 08:47 am

I got an offer for a new credit card. It was from citi and offered me a $100 gift card after we charged $300 on the card. Since the gift card was from home depot, I mentioned it to my husband.
He said, go for it, which surprises me.
So I have filled out the application. Then we will charge $300 , pay it off immediately and see if we get the gift card.
At least it won't cost us anything!

love these checks in the mail.

June 9th, 2007 at 01:35 pm

I got another state farm check in the mail today. I have been reading about some of you getting more than one check if you have more than one car insured.

Well, we have 4 cars insured, but only received one check. I wish I could remember when I received the first check, but it was quite some time ago. I probably will not get checks for the other two cars. I have them insured as "antiques" so the premiums are pretty low.
I will add this check to my challenge money.
Prev. total $11,794.00
today 32.00
new total $11,826.00

It finally rained!!

June 9th, 2007 at 07:43 am

It finally rained last night. It only lasted a half hour or less, but it came down hard.
We spent about $500 last month on grass seed and fertilizer (we have 2 acres of grass)
It never came up. No grass because of no rain. I hate that we wasted all that money.
I did walk a mile yesterday, do 20 flights of stairs and the stock market went up, so I will add $3 to my challenge money.
prev. total $11.791.00
today 3.00
new toal $11,794.00

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